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Full Service

Start to finish, we handle every aspect of influencer advertising campaigns; leaving you with more time focus on your core business.

Why Us?

Influencer campaigns work but often come with a great deal of friction. Our process and relationships eliminate this friction, resulting in a significant cost and time savings for our clients!

Human Touch

Balancing client and influencer relations can be challenging. Our team is trained to work with each side to create a frictionless experience that results in a positive return for all parties involved.


We use proprietary software, and data to optimize campaigns for our clients. Our data platform allows us to intelligently identify top influencers, predict results, negotiate rates, execute campaigns, and analyze results.

Buying Power

We are a reliable source of income for many influencers. This buying power positions SocialCoaster to negotiate competitive rates for clients. This savings often exceeds any costs associated with our service.


SocialCoaster protects our clients by executing contracts with each influencer we work with. In addition, our in-house counsel can provide FTC Compliance recommendations as needed.


Years of experience working with influencers allows us to tailor ad messaging, and creative materials in a way that maximizes user-engagement for our clients.


SocialCoaster runs campaigns efficiently, and always negotiates the best rates for those we represent. Any costs associated with our service are more than recouped through the savings we provide.


We believe in accountability, and have implemented policies that require it. Our campaign managers, and proprietary software hold influencers accountable to the requirements set by our clients.


Our software collects valuable insights throughout campaigns which are provided to clients. Historical data allows us to provide advertisers with engagement projections prior to making purchase decisions.


Unlike other agencies, and platforms, we have a fundamental understanding of the challenges faced by both influencers, and advertisers. Our strategic advantage and relationships come with the fact that we actually own many of the world’s largest influencer accounts! Here are just a few of the brands in our network:

Don’t just take our word, see for yourself.

We work with many globally recognized brands! Check out our case studies to view just a few of their stories.